When I asked my former students for testimonials for talks and workshops, I never expected this! In addition to parent and college night talks and affordable small-group college process workshops, I also offer limited one-on-one consulting focused on a well-informed, good-fit college search; second try, including adults returning to college; and transition to college; as well as high school profile review for high schools. For more information on these services, contact me.

“Julia was the most demanding, but at the same time she was the most informative teacher that I had in the UCLA College Counseling program. Through her I learned that college admissions can be conscientious as well as strategic. This helps tremendously in my writing and counseling."

Stuart (NJ)
Education Writer/College Counselor

"Julia Varriale is an expert of experts on the college admission process.  She is one of the most knowledgeable people in the country today.  You will be amazed by the depth of her knowledge and experience which she shares in a friendly and easy to understand language for both the novice and the experienced."

Kazue (CA)
College Counselor

“Julia Varriale is passionate about college admissions and it shows in her teaching.  She creates a relaxed and comfortable learning environment in which no question is too basic, and every question is answered thoroughly and with a genuine desire to impart knowledge and understanding.  At the same time, Julia’s classes are rigorous, challenging and will make you think.  Take any class Julia offers.  You won’t regret it.”

Cathy (CT)
College Consultant

“Studying with Julia is a ‘must’ for anyone seeking in-depth information about the college admissions process. Her excitement for the field is contagious! A natural teacher, she creates a warm and collegial atmosphere to share her extensive knowledge and resources.”  

Valerie (CA)
Educational Consultant

“Julia Varriale is a brilliant woman with a keen understanding of college admissions, financial aid, career counseling, and adolescents. She is the definitive go-to person for an international network of college counseling professionals as a result of her limitless knowledge, excellent judgment, respectful demeanor, effective communication skills, and tirelessness.  I recommend her highly as a college counseling professional and have her to thank for teaching me so much in her roles as a professor at UCLA, as the facilitator of a web group for private college counselors, and as the creator of the definitive web site on college counseling.”

Ronnie (NY)
College Counselor

"If you want to be fully informed by a leading expert in all things College Admissions, Julia Varriale is your go-to resource.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is most generous in sharing that with students, educators and families alike."

Karen (CA)
College Consultant

"Super-mentor Julia Varriale, founder of CollegeVale.org, has closely advised college counseling professionals in all fields of the college application process. Whether you are a high school counselor, a community-based organization guidance professional, a college admissions officer or an independent educational consultant, Julia's carefully vetted resources are a boon. A heartful thank you to Julia for amassing and generously providing us with your knowledge.”  

Laura (Greece)
Educational Consultant

"Julia Varriale is a tremendous teacher, mentor, and advocate.  Julia (She) is also responsible for creating online groups, blogs, and conversations that are the touchstone resource for the  dynamic college admissions process for independent college advisors everywhere."

Allyson (NJ)
Educational Consultant

“Julia Varriale is the Go-To professional for everything about college admissions. An inspired and inspiring educator and mentor, Ms. Varriale's wealth of knowledge, experience and dedication make her indispensable resource to students of all levels.”

Denise (NY)
Educational Consultant

Also, for consulting services provided:

“Thank you so much [for reviewing our high school profile]! This is exactly the information I was looking for!”

High School Counselor (ID)

“I owe it all to you!” (To which I replied, “No, you owe it all to
you! I just pointed you in the right direction.”) For advice given over a cup of coffee, two years after he came home for Thanksgiving break and did not return to finish his freshman year semester.

Second Try Pro Bono Client