"The more students I spoke with the more I realized that almost any college or university is 'cool' to somebody."
- Donald Asher, Cool Colleges

Welcome to Collegevale!

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Collegevale is a collection of web resources for college counseling and admission professionals. Because I know budgets are tight and I believe a well-informed, good-fit college process should be affordable for and available to all, many of the links in here send you to free services and resources, enough to shepherd your students through much of the college process without incurring excessive costs. Some of these sites, however, may offer pay services, and inclusion here should not be construed as an endorsement. These are simply a collection of resources I have come across that I hope may be useful to my students, and to you.

"Vale" is the Latin imperative form of "valere." It means "be strong" or "be well." We all want to come out of the college process strong and well, whether it's successfully guiding our students through the college process or successfully putting together a great first-year class.

This site is always a work in progress and updates are made sporadically. Suggestions are always welcome and are reviewed by my associate editor, Teo Salgado. I may not get to updating them immediately, as I update Collegevale in my "spare" time; and note that sites heavy in for-profit school advertising and listings or require sign-in to access are not included.



Julia Varriale, M.A., CEP
Distinguished Instructor, UCLA Extension
College Counseling Certificate Program

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